Mrs. Dana Wright
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Mrs. Dana Wright

Licensed Professional Counselor | Med, LPC

Dana Wright, LPC
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and my Masters of Education in Counseling from West Texas A & M University.
I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 15 years and have 30 years combined experience working in public education, private practice, and as a therapist in a mental health hospital. I believe that communication is an essential element to healthy relationships. I will help guide you to the kind of communication that allows you to reach out and address relation conflict and express personal needs in a way that will allow you to be forgiving, giving, and loving. I can demonstrate for you the kind of communication that will help you to turn towards others. All relationships can be challenging, discouraging, or overwhelming – whether those relationships be with parents, a spouse, children, friends, or work colleagues. I will strive to help you develop relationships that bring you joy. I believe that experience is the best teacher. I have worked alongside my spouse for 31 years to forge a relationship that brings both of us joy and comfort.

I am blessed to work in a Christian counseling office with 9 other amazing therapists. We work together, play together, pray together. The office is full of joy and a relaxing atmosphere. You will feel welcome and at ease the moment you step into our waiting room. We each have a private office, to ensure your privacy, praise and worship music is playing in the waiting area, and in the hall. I will welcome you in the waiting area and walk with you to my office, where we will begin your transformation of your best self, your best marriage, we will plan your future together.