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Mr. Dion Davis

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT, MS

In therapy the most important thing is your connection with your therapist. At Davis Christian Therapy you will feel accepted, supported and challenged. I treat individuals, couples and families, internal and interpersonal conflict, and issues such as anxiety, spiritual, financial, or sexual abuse, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. My vision is to serve Christians, non-Christians, the church and non church communities. The difference of Christian psychotherapy is not about the client’s beliefs but rather the foundation and worldview of the therapist that informs the clinical interventions.

As Jesus Christ is the source of all healing, he is also our model and archetype. We see Jesus speaking the truth in love, giving grace, holding boundaries, containing emotions, showing empathy, providing a secure attachment figure for those in the midst of emotional turmoil and dysfunction, and leading them to divine healing through his Spirit and Word. The focus of Davis Christian Therapy is to provide effective professional clinically sound psychotherapy from a Christ centered perspective. The core of interventions utilized are trauma informed, emotionally focused, physiologically centered.

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