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Mr. Paul Myers

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPCS

I understand your pain, I’ve been there. I want to help you, your children and your family make life transformations and create positive change. Imagine freedom from anxiety, the ability to break depression, and a new healthy direction for your life! I’ve seen great results in my clients and I want to you be the next person I serve to make a positive difference. I counsel from a faith based cognitive behavioral perspective to help you gain control over your thoughts and feelings and overcome the pain that life throws our way.
Counseling is my life’s calling! I have a background in helping people with the following struggles: depression, anxiety, ADD, bipolar, past abuse, marital or family conflict, parenting issues, troubled teenagers, and career decisions. My counseling approach is direct and offers concrete tools for practical help that creates positive change.

I own a biblically based group counseling practice in Frisco,Texas.
All our therapists are credentialed and have biblical values.
I specialize in teenagers and marriages.

i have known counseling was my life calling at the age of 17 when I prayed to God to give me clear direction for my life. People are the most important part of God’s creation since we are made in His image. Helping people in a direct way is beyond fulfilling and is the best way I can think of to honor the Lord. Impacting people positively has eternal value that far surpasses the life we have on earth. Counseling is truly a calling of mine and does not feel like work to me. I enjoy watching my clients grow spiritually and psychologically.

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