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Mrs. Patricia Contreras

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi, my name is Patricia Contreras. I am the founder of Courageous Mind Counseling.

I believe that the purpose of therapy is to help you find spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. We need all aspects of our lives to be healthy in order to lead more satisfying lives. We are designed to need each other and everyone has the desire to belong. Exploring and sharing our feelings is the beginning of healing. I offer you an empathetic heart; I’m willing to walk the healing journey of emotions and experiences you bring to therapy.

I believe that we must treat others like we would like to be treated, and we must also show others love and compassion. Through therapy, you will find change in yourself as well as a change in your life. You will achieve change much faster when you understand the connection between your body and your brain along with new ways of behaving and tools gained in therapy.

My drive is to help you find healing and peace while incorporating interpersonal neurobiology along with Structural and Bowenian techniques. I establish a safe place for you to begin to trust yourself and explore your feelings and thoughts.

I’m located in El Paso, TX. I consider myself a direct and collaborative facilitator of change. I utilize Strategic and Structural Functionalism, Family Stress, Intergenerational, and Biopsychosocial theories. I believe integrity, trust, safety, patience, and love help the healing process. Every person is different and I respectfully tailor my approach to the needs of each individual.

Cada persona es diferente y creo que es importante conocerte para ver que paradigma te beneficiaria mas para llegar a las metas que tú tienes para sanar. Permíteme acompañarte, motivarte, y escucharte.

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