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Mrs. Donna VanderKodde

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

I am Mom to 7 children (6 adopted and 1 biological). I have one adult son still living at home temporarily. I spend my spare time kayaking, reading, decorating. and serving as a mentor in a program at my church for young married women and moms which meets in my home 10 weeks each year. I enjoy extending hospitality to friends and family and spending time with my grandchildren. I love to travel, especially to warm, tropical places, and I also spend a few weeks in Florida in the snowy winter months.

I love working with clients, walking alongside them through tough times and times of adjustment as they make the changes they desire to give fulfillment to their lives. I work with individuals and couples in many different areas but a few of my own unique experiences have dealt with the grief and loss of infertility and miscarriage, as well as pre- and post adjustment issues that adoption brings. I also work with a significant number of couples who are dealing with affairs and infidelity.