Mrs. Lorrine Carrara
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Mrs. Lorrine Carrara

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT

My name is Lorrine Carrara and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My approach to therapy has developed and evolved over a lifetime, drawing from my own life experiences both positive and negative, my personal experience with therapy, and through years of ongoing education and training in a multitude of settings.

In our busy lives we often don’t have the opportunity and permission to share our deepest fears, the paralyzing effects of shame, disappointments, regrets and confusion with a listener. Coming from a strengths-based and faith-based background, I am a firm believer in creating optimism by encouraging and gently challenging clients to reach for their goals; always looking at possibilities and opportunities.

The greatest reward as a psychotherapist is helping clients discover ways to impart the kin

In working with clients, I utilize a client centered, collaborative, strengths based approach. I draw from a number of theoretical orientations, including solution focused therapy, attachment theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy. My goal is to support my clients in reaching their personal goals by tailoring the sessions to each individual and their personal needs.