Mrs. Carol Ambrose
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Mrs. Carol Ambrose

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | MA, LPC, LCPC

In my 22nd year of Christian-based private practice. Prior to that, I served as teacher and then school counselor in Montgomery County Maryland. I am both encouraging and practical in approach, and it is wonderful to see clients step into a more joyful, fulfilling life.

Specialties include couples relationships and parenting of youth and adult children. Also, I cultivate healing following death, separation, abortion, and/or big family changes.

Anxiety and mild depression are all too common yet often unaddressed. It can be like carrying around a pile of bricks without knowing how to lighten the load! I can help.

I see clients in-person, and/or online on Zoom. My licenses require that Zoom clients be residents of Maryland or Virginia.

I can be reached at 301 667 6327 and at

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