Mrs. Donna Gibbs
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Mrs. Donna Gibbs

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LCMHCS, BCPCC

I am privileged to be a safe and confidential advocate for the emotional and relational difficulties that may sometimes come your way.
I provide professional Christian Counseling services to children and adolescents, adults, couples and families.
Some common treatment areas include:
Ministry Stress/Trauma
Trauma or Abuse recovery
Eating disorders
Marriage and pre-marriage counseling
Divorce recovery
Anger management
Boundary issues

Summit Wellness Centers: Christian Values, Clinical Excellence.
Summit is a faith-based organization with a mission of assisting our region and local community as they face various struggles in their journey through life. Summit has multiple locations in our region, in an effort to make services more accessible to those in need.

Donna graduated in 1993 from NC State University (BA – Psychology), in 1997 from Western Carolina University (MS – Community Counseling), and in 2007 from Louisiana Baptist University (PhD – Christian Counseling and Psychology). She is married, mother to four boys, author, professor, and co-owner of Summit Wellness Centers, PLLC.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth