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Mrs. Molly D’Huet

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT, ADAC

I am a licensed therapist and substance abuse counselor who is devoted to treating addicted men and their families affected by addiction. Though it is difficult to show in this format, I am actually presenting a Christian outpatient treatment center, Mountain Cabin Recovery Center. It is small (8 clients), for males 18 and older, and in wilderness of Garden Valley, ID. We also offer a sober living. We are in the mountains about an hour away from Boise, where pine trees and the Payette River convincingly show the glory of God!

Our ideal client is an adult male who has been struggling with substance abuse and may have an underlying problem with chronic anxiety and/or depression. When this person gets sober, his anxiety and depression often worsen. Our ideal client would also appreciate the outdoors and enjoy a cozy mountain cabin. We are a small treatment center with a warm and patient staff who have years of experience with co-occurring disorders.

We are a cash pay facility but working on becoming in- network with major insurance companies before summer of 2019. Our cash pay rate is $3000/30 days day treatment and $1000/30 days sober living. All meals included.

We are a 24 hour/week outpatient and sober living facility. We have an in-house manager at our sober living, as well as two therapists and two substance abuse counselors as clinicians. We hike, swim, build things, cook, paint, play music, raft, slide down snowy hills, attend events, and we have groups that teach coping skills for sobriety, anxiety and depression. We have weekly family therapy and intensive family days once per month.

As executive director of Mountain Cabin Recovery Center, I have an unusual past for this position. I grew up with two alcoholic parents and one of my five children is a recovering alcoholic. Though I am not a user of drugs or alcohol, I am fascinated by the family systems that seem to enable addiction. I worked for 7 years as a family program director at an all men’s treatment center in Los Angeles, and three years working with clients with severe mental illnesses.