Mrs. Aline-Vanya Guillaume
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Mrs. Aline-Vanya Guillaume


I believe many adults are living an unfulfilled life due to unprocessed traumatic events that took place in their past. Present hardships may also encourage poor decision making which can result in regrets. Using biblical principles, I help guide individuals during their toughest seasons, and remind them that hope still lives.
In addition to adults, I am experienced in helping adolescents cope and process traumatic events through evidence based techniques such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. These events may include, but are not limited to rape, abandonment, abuse, divorced parents, and human trafficking.

I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, who has years of experience in providing services to hundreds of individuals in the areas of trauma, crisis intervention, depression, anxiety, suicide ideations, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. These issues can be a result of one or multiple life events. It is important to me that my clients are comforted, with the fact that they are not alone, and help is available.

Contact me today for more information on how we can help restore your hope, and assist you in living a fulfilled life. It may be hard now, but always remember, hope still lives!

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