Mr. John Kilgo
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Mr. John Kilgo

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, LPC

Often times our lives and relationships don’t go according to our plans. We have problems with our past, not connecting or understanding relationships, how others have hurt us, or how to navigate the difficulty of finances. These situations are just a few that could require some additional help. You are not alone in this. In fact, most individuals and couples can relate to these experiences. Assistance can come in many forms, including the client central focus that Olive Tree Counseling strives to accomplish.

While I have specialized in mental health counseling (anxiety and depression), my trainings and other personal work have led him to add a focus on marriages. Of the approaches I use, I examine the emotional character and how emotions need to be expressed.

I am a solo practitioner with over 5 years of counseling experience and offer a convenient office location in Greenville’s eastside. My aim is to offer my clients a responsive counselor who understands the needs they may have in a busy world. I prefer to return phone messages the same day, offer flexible scheduling, and a stress free counseling experience. Finally, my walk with Jesus is the source of wisdom and care that I share with my clients.

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