Dr. Susan Harrington
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Dr. Susan Harrington

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | M.Ed., Dmin, LMHC

I’m a counselor with experience in many areas specializing in various types of treatment. Some of these areas are Women’s issues, marital and family as well as trauma, phobias, anxiety and pain management for those in palliative care. I have extensive experience with EMDR which has shown itself to be highly successful in many cases, sometimes combined with other strategies. When the search for answers and ultimately peace in life situations is the goal, I will walk with you through the process.
My focus with individuals and families is to find wholeness in life manifesting in physical spiritual and emotional ways. I work with physicians and other practitioners to find solutions to life problems. While EMDR is my specialty I also use Mindfulness, CPT and DBT to achieve results.

Trinity College BA Psychology
Northeastern University MEd. Counseling
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary DMin in Spiritual Renewal
Board Certified with AACC
EMDR Certified