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Dr. Bruce Walker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | PHD, LPC, LMFT

I am passionate about working with couples whose relationship may be in crisis (broken trust; conflicted; disconnected, etc.), as well as stable marriages wanting a deeper connection and relational intimacy. I help them see themselves and each other through a lens that includes the issues each person brought with them to the relationship, including ways their hearts and minds were impacted by relationships and situations experienced during their formative years. The therapeutic approach I use helps the couple to have corrective emotional experiences that support constructive paradigm shifts leading to changes in patterns of behavior and relationship dynamics. The goal is mutual satisfaction and being free to serve one another in love.

I am now in private practice in Oklahoma with a primary focus on facilitating healing and growth in relationships. I also do life coaching for individuals and help people cope with stress, grief, anxiety, and depression more effectively. I continue to lead marriage intensives in Texas and Georgia for the Center for Relational Care that specializes in marriage intensives and an accelerated process for restoring and strengthening relationships. My faith in Christ informs my values and perspectives and helps me relate to spiritual issues clients face. However, I do not impose my faith on others.

I earned my graduate degrees in counseling from a seminary after working 15 years in the corporate world (AIESEC International, IBM, Conoco). Joyce and I have been married 40+ years and have a son Andrew. We both grew up in Oklahoma but spent the past 20 years leading counseling centers in Austin, Texas, for Intimate Life Ministries (ILM) and the Center for Relational Care (CRC). I continue to serve on the Board of Directors of CRC. I have a love for people from all over the world, developed in part while working for AIESEC, an international exchange organization, prior to marriage.