James W. Ramsey
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James W. Ramsey

MA, M Div, MT LCPC #134, MT LMFT # 147

Are you committed Christian, who doesn’t believe in divorce, but you are becoming emotionally disengaged and lonely in your marriage? Do you want to feel more connected to your partner…tired of the vicious circles of negative assumptions and harsh reactions…beginning to dislike the person you are becoming in your marriage? Do you think your partner treats other people better than they treat you? Are you concerned about the growing negativity in your relationship… worrying about the negative effects that your relationship is having on your children? Do you worry about divorce? Don’t you think it’s time to make some changes that will alter the course of your marriage?

As a Christian marriage specialist, I’ve spent over 40 years helping thousands of couples develop and maintain strong emotional connections with one another, characterized by lots of emotional and physical intimacy. We achieve a relational “paradigm shift.” Great marriages involve lifelong courtship in which your partner knows that “there is no person, thing or activity that is more important to you than they are,” other than God Himself.

I would like to provide you with a long weekend of private, intensive marriage counseling in a very relaxed and yet focused office suite at my home, overlooking Placid Lake in western Montana. This gives you the opportunity to achieve much more in a shorter period of time, without months of ineffective and inconvenient weekly sessions. As the only fully-certified Gottman therapist in Montana, I will provide you with research-based marriage therapy.