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Dr. Jim Ciraky

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jim Ciraky, PhD, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board Certified, and is founder and director of Advent Counseling and Training Services Inc. established in Atlanta Georgia. He specializes in counseling with Christians experiencing marriage problems and anxiety.

My ideal client is a Christian believer who is struggling with anxiety, relational, or purity issues. I work with couples who desire to work through various struggles such as infidelity, poor communication, conflict resolution, parenting, parenting wayward adult children, and other challenges. I can join quickly with most clients and walk with them through difficult circumstances while providing hope and support. I offer individual and couples therapy with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), my version of which is grounded in Romans12.2, which is being transformed by the renewal of the mind.

I offer virtual and in person counseling to help stressed, anxious individuals and couples with strategies to help them toward greater peace in their connection with God, him/herself, and their spouse. If you have tried to make the changes on your own and have just been met with tension and frustration, I can provide tools to assist you in making healthy and constructive changes based on Biblical principles. I support people in understanding more about God, self, and others and help them take more control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and be more enthusiastic about their relationships again.

In addition to counseling, Jim speaks at conferences and conducts seminars addressing anxiety, relationships, parenting, and conflict management.

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