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Ms. Elisha Wisener

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MS, LMFT

As your therapist, I would be honored to come alongside as a coach and cheerleader as we take a collaborative approach to bringing a solution centered lens to your specific needs.
I counsel individuals, couples, families, and children with a variety of presenting problems by using a framework of attachment, emotion focused, and trauma informed therapy.
Therapy is non-judgmental and safe. My commitment is to be honest with you, as I am not just about making you “feel” good. I realize you are seeking real help, and that is what I’m about.
Therapy can be a process in which you may experience pain or tensions as we work together for the change you desire. We will ride these waves together, and trust our Maker, as I believe He is the true and only Healer. Even if you have been struggling or “on the fence” about who God is, please know you are not alone. I will walk alongside of you.

My formal training is in Marriage and Family Therapy, which means I take a more relational approach. This means you are not the only person I will see in the room, so to speak. We will look into influencing relationships as well as your family of origin and environment in order to bring understanding to what you may be struggling with. My prayer is that through this approach, we can shed light on answers which can bring healing and hope. If you bring a spouse/partner with you, or even members of your family, we can work together to find solutions that last.

I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas in 2015. During my time in the program, I provided therapy to couples, families, individuals, and children as an intern at the Friends University on-site counseling center. After completing my post-graduate experience, I received my designation as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 2018.