Mrs. Linda Seibert
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Mrs. Linda Seibert


I provide remote services only

Linda J Seibert, MA, NCC, LPC
I was born and raised in Texas, graduated from Trinity Christian Academy in 1982. I have a BA in Elementary Education and in Spanish from The University of Texas with a Life Time Teaching Certificate and a Masters of Art in Counseling from Wayland Baptist University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. I am married and have two grown daughters. I enjoy hiking, painting and quilting.

I want to personally thank you for deciding to change your life and become healthier and/or deciding to have a stronger marriage. Together we will take one step at a time towards making your world more understandable, full of hope and joyful. Thank you for considering me to walk alongside of you on your journey. – Linda

Welcome to Abiding Hope Counseling
I do not consider myself the average therapist because I do not sit around and say “Hmm, tell me more”. Instead, I take a very assertive style and want to encourage you to make changes in your life as quickly and effectively as possible. You need to want to make changes in your life before I can truly help you. I usually give homework assignments and expect them to be done. You see me for 53 minutes to 1 hour, but the majority of the work is done outside of the session with the techniques and tools we discuss during our sessions. All my sessions are through a video platform.

Sace G. “My experience with Linda was healing. Being counseled by a Christian woman that “walked the walk and talked the talk” was a leading point on my healing journey. When our sessions came to an end, she had provided the tools that would carry me through the next phase of my healing process. There really is a lot to say about her, her professionalism, her caring and her compassion all led by her love of Jesus Christ. She is a valuable asset”.

HKC. ” Linda assisted us with our teenage daughter. She has a big heart and truly cares about the people she is helping.”

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