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Mr. Stanley Watt

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LCMFT

Stan works with individuals, couples and families experiencing relationship issues associated with marriage and family problems. He is passionate about building and protecting marriage and couple relationships and provides premarital counseling as well. He and his wife have worked with married and pre-married couples in their church for over 15 years. Stan also works with individuals who are dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, grief, pornography and sexual issues. Stan received his undergraduate degree from Kansas State University in 1978 in Agricultural Economics. He is a 2014 graduate from Friends University with a Master of Science in Family Therapy. He brings to counseling his problem solving skills from over 30 years of banking, as well as 35+ years of marriage and family raising. Stan incorporates a Christian biblical foundation to move clients toward healing, acceptance, change, reconciliation, grace and forgiveness of self and others.

Professional Membership: American Association of Christian Counselors; American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists