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Ms. Diana Karpavage

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | MA, LPCC, EMDR Cert.

I’m an experienced therapist of over 20 years having spent thousands of counseling hours with individuals, couples and groups, in my private practice. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, stressors, insomnia, trauma, marital/relationship issues, pregnancy loss/women’s issues, spiritual issues, and other issues are common concerns of my clients. I’m a Certified Therapist in EMDR, an amazing effective therapy that can resolve the most stubborn and distressing issues.EMDR therapy addresses trauma, disturbing memories, PTSD, nightmares, etc by addressing the images, feelings, negative beliefs, body sensations, and memories that cause triggers and distress in today’s life. Men, women, couples, teens and children may all benefit from EMDR. Some of the most amazing EMDR sessions are when God obviously jumps into the session with His perfection! This is superior healing! I provide a complimentary Personality Profile for every client. Please see my website and click on the BIO page to learn more about me.

I favor EMDR therapy, cognitive-behavioral, and spiritual therapy; these approaches cover important components necessary for healing of people from all persuasions, backgrounds, and socio-ethnic-economic groups. I teach Biblical principles with psychological truths, in providing therapy for my clients. It is the Word of God that heals people and those principles always work. Cognitive-behavioral therapy addresses “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”, in changing faulty thinking into Godly thinking and healthful results.

-Songs of Deliverance: A Biblical Post-Abortion Healing Process for Individuals & Groups
-A Self Test for Women About Abortion
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