Mrs. Allison Hodge
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Mrs. Allison Hodge

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT

Are you ready to make changes in your life? Do you keep putting off what the Lord has been gently inviting you to face in your life? I have been helping people for twenty years restore their lives and heal broken relationships. Whether you need support in a crisis or need a safe place and person to process though pain and loss in your life, professional therapy can provide a meaningful experience to help you recover to live to your fullest potential. I have helped couples rebuild after impossible situations such as infidelity and even loss of a child. I have seen women discover healing from being imprisoned from childhood sexual abuse to seeing themselves as a valuable, whole, holy women and be able to trust again. I have seen children paralyzed from divorce, anxiety and depression find safety again and recover their joy through play therapy. All healing is a process and journey and therapy can be a key component to help you change.

Help From Him Christian Counseling is a private practice where I provide professional psychotherapy with respect to your Christian values. I have been in full time private practice for many years and supervised several pre licensed therapists in how to integrate psychology and Christianity. I have two locations in Santa Monica and Westlake Village, California.

Allison Hodge has been helping to restore lives and heal relationships for twenty years through professional psychotherapy and workshops. Her clinical training was focused on developing therapeutic tools and treatment skills in the context of the client’s Christian faith to provide comprehensive treatment to the whole person. She earned her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Trinity College of Graduate Studies in 1997. She started private practice in Santa Monica and subsequently in Westlake Village treating clients and training other licensed and pre licensed therapists.