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Ms. Tania McLean-Nicholas


Greetings! My name is Tania McLean-Nicholas and I have been in the helping field for over 16 years. However, I can remember as early as 7 years old giving counsel and guidance to my friends who would find themselves in disputes over toys and dolls. I would share the pain and sorrow of those who were hurting, always wanting to help or make things better. My desire to enter the helping field grew as I became witness to more tragedy and trauma that comes while living in our world today. Life challenges can cause a person to lose hope, grow weary and even want to give up. As a Christian, I find comfort in the scripture Isaiah 40:31. It is my reminder that there is a God who has full power and understanding of the world around me and has the ability to renew my hope and strength in trying times. My desire is to help others find their source of comfort that will generate a renewed hope for their lives.