Mr. Chris Andersen
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Mr. Chris Andersen

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

My name is Chris Andersen, and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the north Phoenix area. My primary passion and focus is assisting men in pursuing purity and overcoming sexual addictions and compulsive sexualized behaviors (such as pornography addiction, masturbation, lustful thinking and fantasizing, etc). I also work with couples on recovery from affairs/infidelity. My desire is to help men not only clean up the “outside of the cup” (their behaviors), but more importantly, to be truly clean and pure on the inside (the mind and heart). I believe that purity includes understanding and pursuing God’s design, and being transformed into Christ-likeness by having the “eyes, mind, and heart of Christ” in all aspects of our lives and intimate relationships.

In addition to purity issues, I also assist couples in recovery from affairs/infidelity, and I enjoy working with couples, pastors and ministry leaders.

At NWCC, our motto is “dealing with life’s challenges in healthy, appropriate, and God-honoring ways.” As a Christian counselor, I want to ensure that the counsel and feedback that is provided to clients is aligned with Biblical truth and teaching. I believe, both personally and professionally, that being an active follower of Christ is the best “starting point” for creating change and addressing whatever issues or challenges we face.