Dr. Stephen Boyd
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Dr. Stephen Boyd

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | PhD, DMin, LPCC-S, LMFT-S, NCP

In my Christian counseling practice, I specialize in treating couples, families, and individuals with a variety of psychological variables involved. I work with blended families, I assess and treat anxiety and depression, and I capitalize on the Gottman 3-Phase Method for repairing marriages, which helps couples grow more quickly. For this model to thrive, both parties’ commitment to resolution is typically recommended. I also have experience working with various addictions, especially those that jeopardize marriages. In addition to working with couples, my specialization also expands to individuals, in instances of crisis counseling, career discernment, and growth coaching. This includes those who are in crises with presenting problems, as well as clients who simply seek to grow deeper in their life, faith, and overcoming challenges. This is all in a Christian context. In my sessions, I am equipped to treat all domains of your life and relationships – personal, professional and spiritual, as well as the financial, sexual, social aspects of marriages. I have experience and a true passion to see relationships and lives be put back together and restored.

I have a PhD in pastoral psychology, a DMin in spiritual direction, and I’m an LPCC-S, LMFT-S, and NCP. I integrate my spiritual direction and pastoral psychology training in spiritual direction sessions, and consistently bring my Christian training to counseling sessions. Being a licensed clinical counselor and marriage and family therapist, my practice also includes individual, family and couples counseling. My work integrates spiritual growth (for those interested) with the counseling treatment needed; seeing God’s restoration is what my practice is founded on.

In 2013, I led a seminar at the AAPC Conference on MSQI (the Multifacet Spiritual Quotient Inventory). I’ve also taught on “Balance or Burnout: A Matter of Margin for Pastoral Counselors.” I also led a seminar for Mt. St Mary’s Seminary of the West students for seminarians. I spoke as a guest speaker with Holistic Health Care Professionals, on Comparative Professional Models of Psycho-Spiritual Healing. I led a seminar at Miami University on Spiritual Intelligence: An Interfaith Presentation of Faith Perspectives. I’ve also taught on neurotransmitter testing and applications for treatment.