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Mrs. Jenny Coffey

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT

Connecting with clients on a deep level is absolutely vital as a therapist. I take pride in getting to know YOU personally, and tend to take more of a coaching role throughout therapy. Our sessions together are all about your journey, no issue is too big or small. My specialty and first therapeutic love is working with couples. I believe that all couples have the ability to get back to the honeymoon phase–and stay there. My goal and passion is helping couples reconnect on an emotionally intimate level. I believe that marriage is the most important relationship in life, and it must be honored, cherished, and consistently nourished.

I also LOVE working with couples in the pre-marital phase. I consider it an honor to give engaged couples a safe place to work through “the kinks” before marriage.

I love the intimate environment that individual therapy allows for, especially in working with other women. I am honored to walk alongside clients as they navigate the many transitions of life. I specialize in OCD, anxiety, postpartum transition, parenting, grief, and pregnancy loss.

I am both a Prepare/Enrich and SYMBIS facilitator, and love using these tools to help couples strengthen their current or upcoming marriage!

AAMFT Approved Supervisor (in-process)

Remote Sessions / Telehealth