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Mrs. Tina Salvatierra

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

HELPING YOU FIND YOUR FREEDOOM You have felt distant, disconnected to know God especially in this pain you have been experiencing. You are wondering where God is among everything you are struggling with now. You know in your mind that God is there but you have realized that you struggle in your heart with experiencing this deeply for yourself. Along with this you have questioned how does your faith help in your healing. You are wondering “Why do I know God loves me but I don’t feel it in my heart?” ” I know I should trust God but why is it so hard for me?” ” Why am I experiencing all this anxiety, when I know I shouldn’t fear?” “What would others think if they knew I struggle with my faith?” “Why can I love others but struggle with receiving God’s love for myself?” Are you tired of wrestling with this alone? Do you really want to know God’s love and compassion for yourself and experience His healing in what you are struggling with now?

I’m confident in knowing that this is possible for you and you don’t need to journey this alone. My support with you in this journey is by offering an invitation to further know and experience God through your healing. What you may receive from a session: Learning to live by the Spirit-led self versus Self-led; Accepting your true identity in Christ; Allowing you the space and freedom to express your fears or doubts; Examining your true soul (thoughts, emotions, and will); Identify disruptive behaviors you have learned to cope with difficulty in life; Heal past memories.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am devoted to partner with you in your struggle and am confident in helping you. Over the years I have invested in being well skilled in various counseling techniques in helping you find healing, confidence, and strengthen your faith. I look forward to the pleasure of helping you find your freedom. Let’s start today!

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