Dr. Bill Rogers
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Dr. Bill Rogers

Licensed Professional Counselor | D.Min., LMFT, LPC, LPC-S

Within a confidential environment, I provide a place where you can explore and restore stressful areas of your life. My focus is to help support you in achieving recovery, healing, and peace while providing solid tools that help you discover new ways of facing life’s difficulties. Together, we can seek to halt the destruction of unhealthy patterns while bringing hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and troubled lives. Regardless of current challenges, we can work together, step-by-step, to effectively help you move toward the next stage of growth. I have worked with Christian ministries for over 29 years (13 of those overseas), offering spiritual direction and guidance to individuals, couples, and families. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks with my wife and wrestling with my two boys. I also enjoy being involved in mentoring relationships: one-to-one and couple-to-couple, helping others live with the least amount of regret possible. I work with a wide range of people from students and graduates on the start of their career path to those leaders who need help in the maximizing and/or transitioning of their career and family.

When not involved in ministry activities, my wife and I both practice together as licensed counselors at a local Christian counseling center. When working with couples, we both believe in the permanency of marriage and work individually, with couples and families to help give hope in rebuilding trust.

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