Mr. Paul Loosemore
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Mr. Paul Loosemore

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC

You can experience more; less symptoms and increased vitality. I work with Couples and Individuals when symptoms, or life seem out of control. You can find relief, grow intimacy and build a thriving life. Together we will help you understand your concerns, know your goals, build a stronger sense-of-self and move forward. Couples can rebuild trust with the tools I have to offer. I work with a personal focus to understand you uniquely, and fully grasp your concerns. We will use research proven methods and neuroscience so you can thrive individually and in relationship.

I specialize in Sexual Addiction, Trauma, Couples therapy and ADHD (using Neurofeedback). Trained specifically for Sexual Addiction, EMDR, and Couples Recovery I work with those recovering from relational trauma. I work with women who find relationships with men difficult, have trust concerns, and are recovering from trauma.

Confidential, caring, organized and effective therapy. I am committed to your flourishing and passionate engagement with life. Therapy is always organized around your safety, needs and best interest. You are welcome to contact me with questions and explore the possibility of working together.