Mrs. Danisa Suarez
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Mrs. Danisa Suarez

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC, SRT, ST

Born in the Dominican Republic, she migrated to the United States with her husband Jorge 31 years ago. While raising their two children, she worked as a teacher. Her continuously growing passion to work with marriages led her to serve in that capacity for many years as a lay counselor and now professionally in a full-time capacity.
Danisa is an author, international speaker, pioneer, and successful entrepreneur, who believes in women’s God-given potential and God’s purpose for marriage. Her gifting–speaking about sexuality and identity issues–has opened important doors in the Hispanic world of television, as well as the Anglo. She is currently a mental health expert for Noticias Univision Colorado, appearing on the newscast frequently, and a leading sex educator for programs on TBN Spanish, Enlace.

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