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Dr. Barbara Sanders

Licensed Psychologist | PSY.D.

I have been licensed and in private practice doing Christian Therapy for over 36 years. I trained at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the integration of psychology and theology. I work with 18-64 year old individuals through telehealth (HIPAA compliant online platform) only at this time. I specialize in rapid brain-body based trauma treatments such as EMDR (certified since 1999) and Brain Spotting ( certified in 2017). I am an affiliate of the Amen Clinic and use brain research to assist in understanding psychological issues. I believe God has given us an amazing brain that has the capacity to regulate and heal itself with a well attuned therapist and good brain-based psychotherapeutic approaches.

I am not providing face to face services at this time, only telehealth.

I believe God brings individuals who are in need of emotional healing into my practice for a reason. I work with individuals from 18-64. I work with disorders such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression disorders, grief, divorce recovery, to name a few. I speak on the phone with each referral briefly and to determine if we are a good match in terms of schedule, area of need, insurance, etc. Most callers appreciate the individual attention given when they place a call. If I am not a good match, I will try to offer a referral or refer the individual back to Focus to find another provider.