Dr. William Hicks
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Dr. William Hicks

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Counseling requires someone who wants to change their thinking and behavior. During counseling sessions we discuss how and why to change one’s thinking. Then the homework between sessions is the time for the counselee to practice what was discussed in the face to face counseling session.

I am Dr. Bill Hicks. I am a graduate of Liberty University. I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1994. My counseling office is in Fleming Island, FL. More specifically 4375 U.S. Hwy 17, Fleming Island.
I can help you with:
• Going through a divorce
• Dealing with Pornography or with a spouse with Pornography
• Infidelity in marriage
• PTSD of you or your spouse
• Dealing with DCF and your children
• Depression
• Many other issues

Dr Bill uses visuals that will help you understand why and how you think and how your thoughts affect your behavior.

You can email me at [email protected] or call or text me at (904) 874-5670. I’ll answer all your questions including costs. It costs a lot less than you might think.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth