Ms. Natasha Lopez
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Ms. Natasha Lopez

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC

I treat people that are struggling in their lives and have difficulties from their past, particularly childhoods that were dysfunctional, particularly growing up with a family member that was addicted to a substance and have found themselves having difficulties in their relationships, as well as in their professions. I also deal with the other side of the coin, the people who are struggling with addictions. Either they are addicted to a relationship, substance, their work, or other addictions and wanting to make changes and move forward in their lives.

I provide individual or couples therapy. The first session is usually ninety minutes; subsequent sessions are sixty dollars. I examine patterns of behaviors learned from the family and irrational beliefs or attitudes that they have developed due to these that have created current difficulties in their life. I use mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a strength based approach where I do not feel a person is a diagnosis. I view the client with unconditional positive regard and believe in the client no matter what their past or current situation is capable of change through Jesus Christ.

I have a bachelors degree from Tufts University. I later studied medicine in Mexico and didn’t finish my internships in the U.S. and then finished a masters degree from George Fox University in counseling. I am also a certified trauma counselor through IATP. I have done extensive research in addictions, trauma, codependency, and adult children of alcoholic issues. I am also very well versed in the Bible and pray with clients as I am an evangelical Christian who has been a Christian for 24 years.

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