Dr. John Gram
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Dr. John Gram

Licensed Psychologist | PSYD

Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Gram works with individuals and couples. He began his private practice in Southern Oregon in 1990. Dr. Gram graduated from Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology (Biola University) in 1990 and has been licensed as a psychologist in Oregon since 1991. He balances his practice with a nearly equal number of men and women clients. His special interest includes working with adult men and adolescent males fifteen years and older.

Dr. Gram is a cognitive therapist who recognizes the significance of early childhood relationships on later adult life. He pays special attention to assessing early attachment with parents and helping clients supplement early life experiences. As a result, such individuals form and maintain meaningful adult relationships. His therapeutic approach includes support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address their life challenges. He integrates available resources and therapeutic techniques while offering compassion and understanding. Building on client strengths and exploring new skills, clients focus in the present moments of life while also focusing on future desires and goals.
Education: Dr. Gram earned both a masters’ and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology. Associated with the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (Biola University), Dr. Gram’s training included studies with Talbot Seminary students both in theology as well as the integration of psychology and Christianity. Prior to working as a psychologist, he graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Computer Science and worked in that field for eleven years. The breadth of his education and work experience compliment aligning research-based treatment while delivering treatment with a sensitive application in the human sciences and compassion.

License: Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners granted Dr. Gram licensure in 1991.


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