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Mrs. Marion Sterling

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MA, LMHC

For 15 years it has been my privilege to walk together with clients as a licensed mental health counselor and help them overcome obstacles that are in their way. I help couples, individuals, and families deal with issues including relationship problems, attachment issues, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and marital and parenting problems.

I provide a nonjudgmental Christian atmosphere where we can work to discover core causes for your issues, increase understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and develop practical solutions. My counseling approach is adapted to suit your individual strengths and needs.

Counseling is a way of investing in yourself and your relationships with others. I will help you find the root cause of your problems – not just treat the symptoms. Everything you share will be confidential and will help you learn how to build trust in the security of safe surroundings.

Ultimately the goal is to counsel you to learn to self-manage so that you no longer need counseling. Changing yourself will change the people around you and all the future generations of your family.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth