Mrs. Cynthia Gill
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Mrs. Cynthia Gill

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT

I can help you! Your problem of anxiety and suffering from your trauma are treatable. Also depression, grief, parenting and marriage issues: there is an answer for them.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and self calming tools to help you find peace again. Gentleness, compassion, and kindness are my hallmarks.

Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend
Codependency by Robert Springle
Parenting with Love and Logic by Kline & Fay
The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis
Finding Hope Again by Neil T. Anderson
Love and Respect by Emerson Eggeriches
Seven Principles that Make Your Marriage Work by John Gottman

Remote Sessions / Telehealth