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Dr. Leslie Hayes

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Ph.D., LMFT

I see most success with clients who are ready to consider their lives differently & to make different decisions.
Perspective drives perception, so the client (couple, individual, family) at a crossroads-tired of looping the same choices & outcomes, has the best prognosis for change. Concluding “something HAS to CHANGE” comes just before potential for change. If we claim the WORD as Truth & live it as such, we find the crossroads.
If the only thing we have the power to change is ourselves, then my passion for opening windows into another way of viewing self in relationship to God, comes into play. I try to connect what people think, feel, & believe, with what they DO in daily life. When the “do” begins to match their stated values, suddenly things begin to align in ways that make sense.
Systemically, change always causes change, particularly in our human relationships. When the client’s filters are God’s perspective, then change is not only possible, it is inevitable.
But be warned, growth is painful! If you’re ready, find a safe place to secure your chrysalis. It may be time to struggle out of your cocoon.

Practicing in a rural context connects me with people outside the soul-deafening urban noise. I apply a framework of faith–not religion- in a place where people grow, & struggle for freedom, & focus on what matters most: eternally significant relationships. I use the 4 legs of human health (physical, emotional, spiritual, & mental), to evaluate client status, & after we identify client desired outcomes, we create & work toward goals. God lights the way, I guide the journey, but the clients drive the vehicle.

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