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Dr. Brian Fast

Licensed Psychologist | Psy.D.

Dr. Fast is a licensed psychologist, graduate of the University of California, San Diego and the Rosemead Graduate School at Biola University. Dr. Fast offers over thirty years of experience to his clients. He has unique, advanced training in short-term psycho-dynamic psychotherapy and an evangelical model of spiritual direction. He specializes in marital counseling; growing men’s relational understanding and courage to husband and father well; and offering spiritual direction to individuals at all levels including pastors, ministry couples and other Christian leaders. Dr. Fast also co-teaches marriage retreats with his wife, Jean.

CCAHope is a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals with evangelical faith convictions. Together we serve the Lord Jesus Christ providing therapeutic conversations with excellence.Our priority is client service, our hearts are in local church ministry, our mission is to serve the Kingdom of God, and our highest resource is the Word of God. Located in the Capital region of upstate New York, our method is to provide contemporary clinical services that meet best practice standards regarding efficiency and effectiveness. www.CCAHope.com