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Ms. Cynthia Bohnker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MFT, MA

I grew up on a farm in western Iowa and attended Christian colleges. After directing 2 large Christian preschools that lead to parenting classes, I felt directed to become a Christian counselor. I enrolled in Azusa Pacific University’s Christian Masters in Counseling.

Growing up in a family with addiction, I attended Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) and 12-Step meetings. I became aware that the Christian population was in deep need of the spiritual/emotional healing process that 12-Step program offers to those coming out of an array of dysfunctional homes. Without emotional healing, I don’t believe a Christian is fully able to receive all of God’s unconditional love.

With over 30 years of counseling experience, I integrate Biblical principles, including prayer, God’s Word and His ways, into the treatment process, along with a good understanding of all denominational backgrounds and affects of spiritual abuse. I counsel those in crisis, trauma, suffering grief and loss, marital and parenting issues and spiritual growth. I work with individuals, kids, teens and/or whole families and am on many insurance panels.

Visit my website at www.cynthiabohnker.com — Also, check out the Christian 12 Step Meeting List for Sonoma, Marin and Napa (page 3) at cynthiabohnker.com/id4.html/ — I wrote the following book (page 5) – “Overcoming Holiday Stress: Daily Encouragement for Christians in Recovery”