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Dr. Reginald Veurink

Licensed Psychologist | M.Div., Psy.D.

I am best suited to treating individuals who are courageous enough to share their thoughts and concerns without censure, and then allow me to formulate my understanding regarding what it is they are saying. When I share this understanding, it is is called an interpretation.

Of course, these insights must be worked through, with help, in the session. This process of working through can be challenging. However, the freedom that comes as a result can be life changing and bring much personal satisfaction. This process is very effective in stopping the repetitive pattern of unsatisfying relationships and destructive behaviors that so often motivate patients to seek help in the first place. Learn more at drveurink.com

I work primarily with individual adults and marital couples. I am a Christian psychologist. However, I work with folks from a diverse background. My specialty lies in conducting depth psychotherapy. This means I help my patients accomplish personal change through gaining truth and understanding in the inward parts.

I am a psychotherapist providing marital therapy and individual psychotherapy to adults and older adolescents. I am licensed as a psychologist (PSY14007) and as a marriage and family therapist (MFC14374). I am also endorsed as a pastoral counselor by the American Baptist Churches, USA. I have over thirty years of professional experience.