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Mrs. JoAnn Zepp

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC, SD, CACIII

Your story matters.
What’s going on in your heart and life? It’s my pleasure to walk with clients who want to put words to and explore their story. The process will be meaningful and transforming. Dr. Crabb told me, “Everyone wants to be seen, known, explored, discovered and touched.”

Your story matters. Who or what do you want to be different in your life? I will walk with you in your journey and have over 30 years in the field of soul care and mental health. My training in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care has enriched how I see and walk with others and provides an additional dimension to my work.
Dr. James Wilder, Joyful Journey, Dr. Carl Lehmann, The Immanuel Approach, Leslie Vernick, the emotionally Destructive Relationship,
The Wounded Heart, Dr. Dan Allender
The emotionally Destructive Relationship, Leslie Vernick
Sacred Companions, David Benner
Sacred Romance, Eldredge and Curtis
Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth
The Unseen Realm, Heiser

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