Mrs. Jen Yip
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Mrs. Jen Yip

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MFT

I am a seminary trained, California licensed Christian psychotherapist. I specialize in marital and family conflict resolution, anger management and communication skills which will be taught and practiced. I’m also interested in each individual’s personal growth as a Christian. Intimacy with God will be one of the things focused upon.

I lean on cognitive behavioral therapy as the base but will incorporate other theories as seen to best fit the interest of clients. I’d like to motivate clients to draw upon their spiritual resources to grow into a person what God intends to be, not living under their potential.

I have been a believer for decades and experienced my share of ups and downs, together with my school training, which I like to use to help people. I’m an Asian American and that helps me to understand people from a different culture to better serve them.

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