Mrs. Angie Witman
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Mrs. Angie Witman

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LCP, LCMFT

I enjoy working with people who are motivated to take an honest look at themselves, take responsibility for their part in the issues, and then take actions to change what they can to improve their quality of life and relationships. I especially enjoy working with those who will involve Jesus in their recovery and healing because I believe that is how true progress can be achieved. I believe the saying – “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Thus, much of the therapy work will be focused on evaluating client’s thoughts and understanding how the way they think affects their feelings and behaviors. Being willing to alter unhealthy thinking patterns, will be key to a obtaining a healthier wellbeing. I enjoy treating adjustment issues, which typically include people’s less-than-ideal reactions to stressors they experience in their lives.

I am a personable therapist, and I believe relationship is key to helping people heal. I am friendly, warm, and encouraging. The fact that I have many word-of-mouth referrals speaks to this. I encourage my clients to define their therapy goals because they need to be invested in their therapy. I am primarily cognitive in my therapy approach, and as mentioned above, I like to help people learn how to think in healthier ways. This is a very powerful tool in achieving peace and joy. I believe Jesus is an active participant in our sessions, and I recommend Bible reading and prayer.

I am married to a wonderful man and have been for 25 years. We have two awesome children. We are active in our church and our community. I have been in practice as a licensed clinical psychotherapist and as a licensed marriage and family therapist for over 25 years in northwest Kansas, where I was born and raised. I very much enjoy my career and am especially blessed to be able to bring my faith in Jesus into my practice. I enjoy traveling, gardening/landscaping, scrapbooking, creating, and our dogs and cats. I help teach children crafts at VBS and have been a church camp counselor.