Dr. Valerie Willman
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Dr. Valerie Willman

Licensed Psychologist | PHD

Dr. Valerie Willman has been in Counseling Practice since 1988 and licensed as a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years. She is trained in general practice and has experience with a wide variety of client issues. Her strength and greatest love in Counseling is integrating Christian Faith with psychological practice.

Valerie Willman is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in the State of Hawaii. She is a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor by the International Board of Christian Counselors. Dr. Willman earned a Masters in Counseling from Purdue University in 1984 and Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in Sport and Performance Psychology, in 1987. She completed a respecialization program in Clinical Psychology at Illinois Institute of Technology in 1995, graduating from the University of Oregon Counseling Internship Program, and became licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in 1996.

Dr. Willman has many testimonies of God’s faithfulness in her life. She has conquered the diagnosis of cancer through prayers and God’s mercy. She wrote about her journey publishing the book: “Victory over cancer; Live as if it were true…because it IS!” Val has also triumphed over an angioplasty of the iliac artery, a spinal cord injury, a labral tear and a broken foot. Yet probably the most amazing testimony in her life has been the resurrection of her marriage after two and one half years of separation. Dr. Willman believes God uses these trials to connect her with clients: Romans 8:28!

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