Mr. Dave Vander Wal
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Mr. Dave Vander Wal

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

Proverbs says that as a person thinks so goes the person and his/her life. People come to counseling seeking help for a problem with marriage, addiction, anxiety, self esteem. But rarely if ever is that THE problem. The REAL problem has to do with how they think. As humans we are deceived into programming our mental computers with faulty data. I help clients renew their minds by taking certain thoughts captive. Accurate, scriptural thinking allows people to eliminate destructive behaviors and initiate healthier ones. Remember, happiness isn’t based on power, possessions, or prestige but on loving relationships with God, self, others. And that starts with how we think!

Since 1994 POSITIVE CHANGES has been providing encouragement, hope, and healing to people who are experiencing difficulty in life. My goal is to be a non-judgmental sounding board while also offering scripturally-based feedback to help the client(s) see and remedy the problem from a spiritual perspective.

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