Mrs. Deborah Tyrrell
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Mrs. Deborah Tyrrell

Licensed Professional Counselor | MC, LPC, NCC, BCC

If you are tired of feeling dis-empowered, resentful, worn out, and defeated in your business or relationships, I can help. I will come alongside as you ‘find your voice’ and learn how to use it to speak your truth lovingly and powerfully. And with courage and God’s grace, you will be changed in the process. No longer depleted, you will find the energy you need to discover the blueprint that will achieve God’s destiny for you and your relationships. Together, we will develop strategies and solutions that move you through obstacles towards meaningful goals that reflect your God-given strengths and values.

My mission is to provide clinically and Biblically sound mental health services and integrated coaching processes to individuals, couples, and families – from a framework of Christian love, understanding, and compassion. What makes me unique is my reliance upon the Spirit of God to see below the symptoms (often the problems that are initially shared) and discern by the Holy Spirit the real issues.

Years ago, I knew in my heart that there were gifts waiting to be discovered in the emotional landscape of my past. I was determined to discover them, so I could assist others in their exploration. It has now been more than 25 years since I decided to embody my message, engage in work that feeds my soul, and offer it to the world. Crossing the bridge from my wounds, and understanding the transition of stepping into new ways of being, I knew I was called to extend a hand to those behind, still waiting. Our wounds do not need to dictate who we are!