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Ms. Linda Strain

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, MA, LPC, NCC

This client will be able to face the trauma, events, pain they are experiencing (externally) and also take a look at the internal issues: how have they responded, or reacted to those painful events. They will be willing to not only see how they were hurt but also how this has influenced their thoughts and behaviors and emotions.

Focus on practice is on individual therapy. My approach is psycho-dynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive behavioral in nature, with a biblically based understanding of who people are, why people have problems, and most importantly, who is God and how does He relate to the issues I am experiencing.

Linda has been a Christ follower since her 20’s. She attended a Christian college with majors in Bible and English and has 2 Masters degrees in counseling. She taught 4th grade for 5 years, and worked in two Christian colleges in counseling related service for 30 years. She has been in private practice counseling for 40 years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in PA and is on the referral networks of the AACC as a Board Certified Christian Pastoral and Professional Counselor, New Life Counseling, and Focus on the Family. She also was Director of Counseling at a church for 7 years.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth

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  • 301 W Grove Street, Clarks Summit, PA
  • Scranton, PA
  • 1509 N Main Street, Scranton, PA
  • telahealth through zoom
  • 570-991-8531