Mrs. Georgia Smith-Lyle
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Mrs. Georgia Smith-Lyle

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC-Supervisor

Many of my clients come with issues concerning their identity and self worth. I find most problems my clients deal with stem from their perspective of how much they are loved by our Heavenly Father. Many do not realize the depth of His love for them and do not know who they are and why they were created. My specialty is two fold…building a firm solid base of identity for them from a biblical perspective, and healing wounds caused by trauma and crisis in their lives. I love what I do and enjoy seeing a person or family come out of their dysfunction and into a new realm of enjoying life more fully. I work with individuals, couples and family, adolescents and children. I have written a book called You Are My Beloved, Now Believe It which is a love story based on Song of Solomon and Christ love for His church. I provide free copies to my my clients who want a more in depth study into the heart and love of Heavenly Father.

Counsel many individuals with diverse issues from anxiety, depression, and other disorders. See many couples and enjoy working with them in several areas they find they need help with, including effective communication. Counsel adolescents and provide play therapy for children. I’m eclectic in my approach and use different therapy approaches to suit each client. Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Person Centered are used a lot along with biblical, faith-based counseling.

I am first a lover of Christ. He is my Rock and my everything. I am married, and together we have 6 children and 9 grandchildren with one on the way. I’m an author and enjoy writing in my spare time which is not much!!! lol I am an ordained minister as well as a counselor. I love my job and helping others become all they were created to be, helping to heal their souls and provide effective tools for life. I am also certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and see some clients at my ranch office in Petty, Texas for equine therapy. I also enjoy extended sessions with couples at my ranch.