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Mrs. Suzanne Simpson

Licensed Professional Counselor | MED, LPC

I offer over 30 years of experience with my therapy and coaching practice. I have done a lot of my own therapy work and am very holistic in viewing the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. I am Master Certified in Splankna therapy and have utilized many listening prayer methods that bring more healing.I am married and draw from my background that I have dealt with in marriage. I love helping people grow in their personal relationship with the Lord. I have a Masters in Counseling and am Board Certified as a Life Coach.

I offer a range of tools and methods that will bring lasting change.I utilize Christ-centered healing methods that get to the root of the emotional issues. I am not a traditional talk therapist. I believe emotional roots of belief patterns stem from early childhood issues many times and need to be brought to the forefront to clear out the negative energy in the body.


Remote Sessions / Telehealth