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Dr. Mary Simms

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, MS, PHD, MFT

Dr. Simms is great at helping people to identify the obstacles that keep them stuck and then to move forward to the purpose that God has for their lives. She is also effective at empowering others and helping them to move forward quickly. She works with relationships, stress, anxiety, co-dependency issues, and marriage and family issues.
She believes that real change is possible with prayer and dependence on the Lord.

A Multi-ethnic, multi-cultural private practice with a Christ Centered approach. Over twenty five years of experience in working with both individuals and families.

Dr. Mary M. Simms has been in private practice for over twenty five years. As a Licensed Christian therapist and a minister, her work involves empowering others to live their best life, using not only her professional training, but her personal life experiences as well. She is indeed an overcomer, having survived breast cancer twice. Her new book, Move Past Your Pain: Discover Your Purpose was recently released in March 2016. It is a book about overcoming negative generational patterns that keep us stuck and from fulfilling our God given potential.

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