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Mrs. Donna Scott

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT

Are you someone who longs to feel joy in your relationships but instead experience pain over and over again? It is my passion and calling to help you learn how to transform your heartache into a whole heart. It is time to stop delaying hope and get those longings fulfilled. I am here to help.

The focus of Donna’s work is to help those with hurting hearts heal from relationship wounds. Her goal is to empower, educate, enlighten and equip them. She can assist you and your partner in overcoming your difficulties and evolve both as lovers and friends. Through counseling, she can facilitate healing, improved communication, increase connection and understanding.

As a San Diego Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, Donna Scott, owner of Donna Scott Therapy, offers the benefit of her professional experience and training combined with compassion and insight from God’s Word. She has over 30years of experience providing individual and couples therapy in a variety of settings. Donna praises God for 34 years of marriage where she has been given the opportunity to practice what she teaches. They are blessed with four children.