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Dr. Randy Schroeder

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Ph.D., MDiv, MEd. LCSW, LMFT

I will provide you with the Care, Compassion, and Competency that you deserve. My counseling mantra is “Helping You Develop Healthy Habits for a Satisfying Life, Marriage, and Family.” I am enthusiastic helping individuals, marriages, parents, and children through an educational approach where I provide specific skills and life tools. I am passionate about sharing healthy behaviors that can be developed into wholesome habits for lifelong well-being and happiness whether for your personal life or relationships.

I am excited to share my Christian marriage book, SIMPLE HABITS FOR MARITAL HAPPINESS, is a Three-time National Award-winning book for marriage/relationships. This incredible resource has simple yet effective habits that are proven to strengthen healthy marriages and improve struggling relationships with specific skills, words, and daily loving actions. A FREE Discussion Guide to enhance couples conversations can be downloaded at and is also available at

My Christian parenting book, SIMPLE HABITS FOR EFFECTIVE PARENTING: Specific Skills and Tools That Achieve Extraordinary Results in Raising a Child, is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed guidance in the seven main areas of parenting. This commonsense guidebook offers solutions to typical parenting challenges and teaches everything a parent needs to be competent and nurturing! Happy, confident children determined to reach their full potential with self-motivation, good decision-making skills, a positive attitude, and resilience are raised by parents who practice simple yet effective habits daily found in EFFECTIVE PARENTING.

In July 2021, I had the privilege of joining Jim Daly, President, and John Fuller, Vice President, on a Focus on the Family national broadcast to discuss SIMPLE HABITS FOR EFFECTIVE PARENTING. The interview may be watched on or on YouTube.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and pastor with a lifetime of expertise both professionally and personally. For three decades I have helped over 2,000 individuals, couples, or parents. I have had a very successful counseling practice because I provide commonsense practical wisdom than can be easily implemented. I have been married for over 45 years, have two married sons, and six grandchildren.

I hold a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy, a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling, and a Master’s of Education Administration. I am a marriage and parenting expert, pastor, speaker, author, and former professor of pastoral counseling.

I have spoken to numerous church groups, conferences, and businesses, providing practical tips and inspiration on marriage, parenting, and various life challenges. Please share SIMPLE HABITS FOR MARITAL HAPPINESS and my new book, SIMPLE HABITS FOR EFFECTIVE PARENTING, with family, friends, church members, and others. These two how-to comprehensive books will make a marvelous positive difference in marriage and parent-child relationships.

Please check out my website,, and read Testimonials from previous clients; blog posts archived under “SIMPLE HABITS” for Life, Marriage, and Parents; a list of my Counseling Services; and the Phone/Online Counseling option. To be HIPAA compliant, I usually use for virtual counseling.

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